Welcome to the first step of creating your own guitar legacy.

LickNRiff.com was created in 2011 by Assaf Levavy, a guitar teacher, arranger and composer, in order to fill the gap created by all the rest of the online guitar teachers. That gap? Teaching you how to actually be CREATIVE with your guitar playing.

Think for a second: What do all of the great guitar players have in common? Great technique? Not necessarily. Speed? Not necessarily. A deep understanding of the fretboard’s logic? Not always. Creativity and the daring to try new things? You bet.

Music is about more than just practicing dry exercises. It’s about playing around with every lick you learn, improvising on it, making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and ultimately – Creating your own interpretations of everything you play.

If you learn by PLAYING, if you learn a new riff, composition or solo, and THEN analyze it to understand what you’re playing – The benefits are far greater than just learning scales without the knowledge on how to apply those scales.

If you’re looking for an online guitar teacher that is not either trying to sell you something, or just bore you with the same old repetitive lessons and exercises without giving you REAL INSIGHT about how to actually be CREATIVE with your guitar, then you’ve found the right place.

So, as was said before – Welcome to the first step of creating your very own guitar legacy.