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Learn how to arrange any song into fingerstyle.
6 live sessions with me.
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The 7-hour Ultimate Beginner Masterclass

Are you a beginner and can’t find your way through all those chord names, scales and diagrams you have to memorize? In my course you’ll play music from the very first moment you pick up your guitar through 120+ lessons that will turn you into a confident, impressive guitar musician.

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The Complete Guitar Freedom Journey

A full 29-hour program for you non-beginner who wants to take full control of your skills and unlock your full potential as a guitar musician. Open your ears and your hands to the infinite possibilities of your instrument and your own musicianship.

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The Electric Soloing Mastermind Pack

Learn to solo like a legend without having to memorize even a single scale. Sounds impossible? Try me. Through 1101 (Yes, that’s the right number) world-class licks in 11 different styles, you’ll learn how to construct, compose and improvise professional and jaw-dropping solos.

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