If You Learn A Song,
Then You Only Know How to Play That Song.

But If You Learn to ‘Speak Music’ with Your Guitar,
You Can Play Anything You Want.

Take Full Control of Your Skills.
Unleash Your Creativity.

How would you feel when you have the ability to pick up your guitar and play your favorite music intuitively, without having to practice it for weeks beforehand, without having to stop to calculate fret positions and finger placement – to just make beautiful guitar music that makes everyone around you bob their heads and smile.

When You Practice the Power Skills,
You Quickly Become Able to:

  • Take any song and make it your own
  • “Visualize” the music and play it on the spot
  • Understand chord structure so no chord ever looks foreign again
  • Easily create your own musical ideas
  • Play and jam with other musicians in complete confidence.
  • Develop a natural sense of rhythm
  • Play much more naturally and effortlessly
  • Conquer pieces that are “beyond your skill level”
  • Learn new music much faster and easier

Can you imagine if that happened to you?

Anyone who will hear you play will go:

“Woah! When Did You Learn How to Play Like That?!

(It will happen a lot sooner than you think.)

"I've been playing classical guitar for 26 years, and yet I find my skills greatly improved by your courses. The music is far more intuitive now, and I've even started to improvise a little, which I've never done before. Better late than never!"
Ben M.

The Most Powerful Skill
That Most Guitar Players Neglect

As guitar players, we are taught to focus only on our hands.

We’re made to believe that technique is the only thing that matters.

The problem is, that it simply isn’t true. Memorizing chords and shapes has a severe limitation.

  • If I teach you a song, then you only know how to play that song.
  • Or only that chord shape.
  • Or only that specific lick.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that too, right?

But that’s how guitar is being taught! Memorizing an overwhelming amount of material without really understanding what it all means.

Playing Your Guitar Should Be
As Easy As Using Your Voice to Speak

If I sing you a line from a song – you can instantly sing it back to me without any problem whatsoever.

You should be able to do that with your hands, on your guitar.

How amazing would that feel?

For that, you need to develop just one important skill.

The skill that makes all the other skills a lot easier to learn.

Ear-Hand Synchronicity

Being able to play something just like you hear it. (In other words, it’s the ability to “speak music” with your hands.)

Let me ask you a question. What do you do when you talk?

Do you consciously think about grammar?

Do you consciously think about the spelling of every word?

You just talk.

You use slang when it “sounds right”.
(You wouldn’t use slang when talking to the Queen of England, right?)

You use high vocabulary when it “sounds right”.
(You wouldn’t write “right?” when writing an academic paper, right?)

It’s exactly the same thing when you play your guitar!

You just “speak” the music. You play what flows in the moment.

In the rhythm.

In the melody.

You know what “sounds right” when you talk.

You know what “sounds right” when you play.

And once you start doing it–

  • You’ll learn how to make any new piece of music your own.
  • You’ll learn how to effortlessly make beautiful music even with the simplest chords and scales.
  • You’ll learn how easy it is to make the leap into advanced music – when you really understand what you’re playing.
  • Every lick, chord or scale you learn becomes a part of your vocabulary.

Can you see how much more natural this makes learning the guitar?

Understand this, and you’ve already made more progress than 95% of musicians:

Understanding music is all about
hearing its nuances.

Your hands follow your ears –
not the other way around.

If you can hear it – you can play it.

When you learn the guitar in an “ears first, hands second” approach, the music not only makes sense – it becomes second nature. 

It accelerates your progress and transforms practicing from a mechanical chore into an experience of pure musical discovery.

Because you are learning how to create the music that you love.

How exciting is that?

"Wanted to share this with you. This morning there was a commercial on the radio and I identified the chord progression and even a little bit of the solo that the guitar played in the background. My jaw literally dropped."
Sakib P.

The Break Your Boundaries Course Program

Join Thousands of Guitar Musicians and
Get Unlimited Lifetime Access to All 16 Course Modules

  • The video courses are all inside one easy online platform that you can access at your convenience.
  • They’re designed to require just 10-15 minutes of practice per session. (Learn at your own pace.)
  • The exercises are creative and experimental, so that you can find your natural, personal expression on the guitar.

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The Course Modules

Introducing Your New Course: (October 2021)

Unleash the fire of Spanish guitar! Gorgeous chords. Spicy scales. Awesome strumming and picking techniques. In this course, you will understand exactly how to create, play and make the Spanish guitar sound absolutely your own, all over the fretboard, in an easy, enjoyable and fun way. Let the Spanish guitar magic into your guitar playing. (2.5 hours)

"You give me the confidence that I will be able to play what you show me, and that's something that I don't get from any other teacher."
Alessandro B.

Meet Your Teacher

My name is Assaf Levavy (aka LickNRiff) and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

I’m very lucky. For over a decade now, since 2011, I’ve had the privilege to help millions of guitar players around the world break their boundaries and find freedom on the guitar through my beloved and respected YouTube channel, LickNRiff (aka The Hidden Treasure of the Guitar World).

My students are living proof that anyone can become a world-class guitar musician while enjoying the learning process all the way, without tedious, repetitive drills or too much focus on theory.

I am so grateful that I’m able to be of service and spread my love for music to anyone who wishes to take this musical journey along with me.

I believe that music is a living, breathing thing, and that every musician is has a musical story to tell. I’m here to help you tell it.

"When I found you on YouTube a couple years ago I thought that I could never do this myself, but turns out there's a method to the madness. I finished my first arrangement today, my wife's favorite song. I'm going to surprise her on her birthday next month. Can't thank you enough."
Mattie A.

A Treasure Trove of Bonus Materials

Bonus #1:
The Electric Soloing Mastermind

The most ambitious mega-lick pack ever created, containing 1101 soloing licks in 11 different genres, totaling a whopping 13 hours of creative soloing, so you never, ever run out of ideas.

From blues and country to swing, jazz, tapping, slide soloing and exotic scales. Most of these licks work brilliantly on acoustic guitar as well, so make sure you give it a try! (Sells for $197)

Bonus #2:
The Ultimate Beginner Masterclass

In case you ever need brushing up on anything, I’m including my Ultimate Beginner Guitar Masterclass as well.

A thorough 7-hour course containing over 120 lessons to take anyone from complete beginner into a solid intermediate, covering everything from the absolute basics to more elaborate techniques, as well as soloing ideas and some fingerstyle. (Sells for $167)

Bonus #3:
Monthly Private Lesson Raffle

Exactly what it says. Every month, I hold a raffle in which two students win a 1-hour one-on-one private video lesson with me. (Sells for $197)

Bonus #4:
I Will Be there With You Every
Step of Your Guitar Journey

Most courses leave you to learn on your own. I’m not going to do that. All members of the course program are invited to attend live Q&A masterclasses with me to help you with your progress.

Plus, you can contact me any time via e-mail with anything you need.

I’m here for you.

"Your faith in his students is awe-inspiring. I've bought SO many technique, composition and theory books over the years, and all turned out to teach the same basic elements, stock chord progressions and whatnot. Your 'intuitive guitar' method is a true original. I feel that I have the tools to make my own music now."
Stacey L.

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