The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course

Eager to Start Having Fun with Your Guitar
But Have no Idea Where to Start?

How to Go From Absolute Beginner to a Confident, Impressive Guitarist – By Making Music From Day One


I love that moment right before the music starts. When anything can happen and everything is brought into focus.

As if the whole world is waiting for the sound that is about to emerge from your guitar.

And then it begins. The tension of the strings. The feeling of wood and steel.

The flowing of the notes, the explosion of sound that brings the chords into life, the unspoken emotion that expresses itself through the instrument…

No two notes are ever the same on the guitar. It’s all in the way your fingers touch the strings.

That’s why I love the guitar.

It’s an instrument of constant discovery.


I Want You To Feel It Too

I remember when I used to look at other people perform magic with their guitars, whether they were my idols or my friends, and I remember thinking “Oh man, I’ll never be able to do that”.

And now, I find myself editing the lessons I film for LickNRiff, I see myself play, and I’m thinking, “Oh wow, when did I learn to play like that?!” 

I still can’t believe that I’ve reached the level where I am today.

I never practiced over half an hour a day. I never had a proper teacher.

Every day, I’m still shocked that it’s ME making this beautiful music.

And that’s exactly what I want for you.

I want you to constantly be in a state of
“Woah, I played that?!

You’re reading these words because you want to play the guitar. Beautifully. Only you have no idea how to get there yourself. 

And I’m so happy that you’re here.

Because I want to take you there. Right now.

I want you to have true, deep, musical, creative and jaw-dropping impressive guitar skills.

This is why I created the Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course. For someone exactly like you.

Not just a beginner player – but a beginner musician.

The Real Musician’s Way to Learn Guitar


In this 120+ lessons, 7-hour, step by step masterclass, I do two things and two things only:

First, I teach you a technique or a musical concept…

…and then I give you A TON of ideas, examples, tips and tricks on how to make that technique or concept entirely your own.

You absolutely can – and should – make music from the first moment you pick up the instrument.

This way, practicing isn’t a boring, mechanical, repetitive thing – but a full-on musical experience where you actually use your ears and feel the music with all your heart.

Understand this truth alone and it will revolutionize the way you learn, play and create music on your guitar from now on:

If you can hear it – you can play it.

If you feel the music – you bring out the music.

And when you train your ears – your hands follow more naturally.

And before you even notice it – you’re suddenly a guitar player.

It will happen sooner than you think.

From Scratch to Jaw-Dropping Guitarist

The 7-hour Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course contains over 120 lessons in 11 chapters.

You’ll learn how to play all those awesome chords you see other players play.

You’ll learn how to change chords quickly and efficiently, everywhere across the guitar fretboard.

You’ll learn how to play creative, dynamic rhythm guitar, solo guitar, even fingerstyle! (Picking with your fingers to create rich sounds that you can’t produce using a pick.)

You’ll learn how to change any rhythm pattern and create something new out of it.

You’ll start creating your own chord progressions and melodies.

You’ll get comfortable with soloing and improvisation.

You’ll learn to produce sound effects like palm muting, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bending and vibrating the strings.

ou’ll discover a treasure trove of methods and ideas on how to express your unique musical vision on the guitar.

You’ll gain the confidence to play in front of other people and wow them with your new skills.

You’ll discover that making music is a lot simpler than you think.

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Everything You Need Is On-Screen

The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course is a series of digital video files especially filmed and edited in portrait mode, so that you don’t have to rely on your computer in order to learn, but also on your tablet or your smartphone, wherever you are, at maximum convenience.

You can even take your guitar somewhere, pull out your smartphone and continue learning on the go, with the on-screen instructions in large type that are clearly readable on any device.

The on-screen instructions known as guitar tabs and chord symbols. No music-reading is necessary. Everything you need to know is explained in the first few videos.

One you get access you can start right away. Even in the next few minutes. You can download the files or watch them online.


A Treasure Chest of Bonus Material

7 hours of jam-packed lessons are not enough. I also included in the package two half-hour masterclasses that I created especially for you – the brave, enthusiastic musician who is about to embark on this awesome Journey.

You’ll find them in the main folder under the names Watch Me First and Watch Me Second.

The real title of the first masterclass is The 10 Hacks For Effective Practicing. Ten scientifically-proven methods to boost and accelerate your practicing every single time you touch the guitar. (And even when you don’t have your guitar with you! That hack will blow your mind.)

The second masterclass is called A Perspective For Learning Music – it’ll put your mind at ease and show you that learning music is a matter of putting together a few simple concepts, and then everything else are variations on those concepts.

I initially created both masterclasses as a separate mini-course that I was going to sell for $67, but I decided to give it to you for free as it would help you learn and practice everything much more effectively.

“I Can’t Wait!
How Can I Start Right Now?”

You get your access and begin. Even in the next few minutes.

I know you’re eager to begin, so let’s summarize.

The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course contains 7 hours of 120+ lessons jam-packed with pure musical knowledge that will accelerate and skyrocket the pace of your guitar progress. Plus another hour of bonus material.

You’re getting 8 hours of in-depth, brilliant, mind blowing guitar instruction

And you have two options to choose from:

  1. The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course and the bonus material – for only $127.
  2. The course, the bonus material AND a 1-on-1 private session with me (1hr) – for only $227!

How awesome is that?

Choose your package, get your access and start making incredible music with your guitar:

100% Money Back Guarantee

I feel immensely proud to see thousands of guitar players revolutionize their relationship with their guitars, open their minds to the musical experience and skyrocket their skills through my courses, so if you watch the entire Ultimate Beginner Course, actually put in the work, do the exercises along with me, and still experience no breakthrough in your guitar progress – I’ll give you your money back.

Go ahead and start your guitar journey. Your guitar is waiting for you to pick it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

So that you don’t have to rely on a computer to watch the course. You can take your guitar anywhere, pull out your smartphone and continue learning on the go. As it is in portrait mode, the on-screen instructions are clearly readable on any device.

Because I aspire to revolutionize the way people learn guitar, make it an entirely musical, creative and fun experience, and I want as many people to be able to afford it.

All you need is yourself and a guitar. The course starts from absolute beginner level.

Every guitar player is different and learns at their own pace. You might discover that some techniques and concepts are easy for you to learn, and some less so. As long as you enjoy your guitar every single time you pick it up and play – you’ll get to where you want to go.