The Electric Soloing Mastermind Pack

Learn to Solo Like a Legend
Without Memorizing A Single Scale

Learning Soloing Skills Needn’t Be Hard Work
(It should be FUN.)

How many times did you take a guitar soloing course but didn’t feel any improvement in your actual, show time soloing skills?

Do you know what sets apart the great, world-class guitar soloists from the amateurs?
(Allow me to give you a hint: it’s not technique, it’s not scales and it’s not speed.)

It’s all about the scope of your musical ideas.
Because a great solo tells a story.

The simple, honest reason why most soloing courses don’t deliver on their promise is because they don’t teach you how to give your solo MEANING. Instead, they repeat the same basic material: a few standard scale positions and classic licks that “everyone should know”. They’re teaching the foundation for the skill, not the skill itself.

The real skill is injecting musical meaning into your solos.
By themselves, scales and techniques are meaningless.

This is why 99% of all guitar solos are indistinguishable from one another, repeating the exact same patterns, making them mundane and predictable: because real soloing skills are rarely taught.

I created the LickN’Riff Electric Pack to make you the exception to that rule. I want you to start thinking like a professional soloist instead of an amateur: I want you to feel the music right from the start. Because when you do, you’ll have no trouble whipping out musical, expressive and memorable licks in whatever musical setting and song you’re playing.

Now I’ll tell you exactly how we’re going to do that.

Electric Soloing Mastermind
1101 World-Class Licks in 11 Genres

Infinitely Expand Your Soloing Possibilities

In any language, the better your word vocabulary, the more articulate you are. It’s exactly the same in music (it is, after all, a language).

The reason technique isn’t enough is that technique is like knowing how to utter the vowels – but vowels aren’t words. Like words in sentences, licks are the building blocks, the foundations from which your musical ideas flow. The more articulate you are in your melodies, rhythm and phrasing, the more unique your musical personality becomes.

Your lick vocabulary is essentially who you are as a musician.

The Ultimate Soloist Pack is designed for fun, effectiveness and instant learning. Each and every lick in this unorthodox lick pack is meticulously crafted to be the most melodic, rhythmical, creative and technically impressive that it can be, so it can achieve three goals:

  1. You can easily and immediately assimilate it into your own playing and your own style.
  2. It inspires you to come up with your own variations and find your own expression.
  3. It motivates you to complete it into a full phrase or solo.

The licks range from short and simple to elaborate and advanced. Even if you don’t play some of these genres, just getting to know their flavor will be enough to influence your soloing in ways you can’t yet imagine.

There will come a moment when you’ll hear yourself soloing and think,
“Woah, I played that?!”
It’s an incredible feeling. And it will happen sooner than you think.

The Format

Each lick is a short video of about one minute long, with on-screen tabs (see the video above for a couple dozen examples). First, I play the lick in full speed a few times so you can get a taste of it. Then, I slow it down and play it in half speed a few times so you can hear how it’s structured. Finally, I play it very slowly and break it down for you phrase by phrase, note by note, so you can easily follow the tab and learn the lick without delay (pun definitely intended). Oh, and:

  • You can learn on your computer or straight from your phone
  • Most of the licks can be played in acoustic guitar soloing as well!

Here’s what you’ll soon know how to play:

Complete Pack Contents

  • 101 Blues Licks (Classic and Modern)
  • 101 Country and Chicken Picking Licks
  • 58 Sizzling Rock Licks
  • 119 Exotic (Non-Western) Licks
  • 203 Jazz and Fusion Licks
  • 92 Modern Funk-Rock Licks
  • 105 Swing Licks
  • 41 Slide Guitar Licks
  • 114 Riff and Composition-Oriented Licks
  • 67 Advanced Tapping Licks (Plus some distortion sound tricks)
  • 100 Melodic Arpeggio-Based Licks
  • 12+ hours of professional, world-class soloing knowledge

What People Are Saying

“I did what you suggested in the intro video and picked one lick that I liked to tinker around with. I ended up playing it all over the fretboard for half an hour, and that’s just my first one. Can’t wait to see what I’ll do with the other thousand.” – Sean L.

“Whenever I tried tapping up till now I only played the basic stuff, you know, the one-string arpeggios. All your scale patterns and string-skipping arpeggios are blowing my mind, man. Worth every penny.” – Argawal R.

“Honestly, considering that I’ve been playing blues guitar for almost 40 years, I’m surprised at the amount of new ideas that I’m getting here.” – Francisco I.

“All the courses I’ve tried in the past were very niche-specific, but you’re all over the freaking place. You’ve built a veritable encyclopedia of guitar soloing knowledge, I’m literally inspired by every single lick, it’s crazy.” – Gal S.

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