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The Ultimate World-Class Soloist Package
11 Genres, 10 Guitars, 1101 Solo Licks

Infinitely Expand Your Soloing Possibilities

What sets apart the great, world-class guitar soloists from the amateurs? Hint: it’s not technique. Technique is the easy part – it’s all about the scope of your musical ideas.

The heart of the matter is that most guitar players only have couple dozen mostly standard pentatonic licks as their soloing vocabulary. This brings the unfortunate result that 99% of guitar solos tend to repeat themselves and sound mundane and predictable. LickN’Riff Electric was created to make you the exception to that rule by enriching your soloing vocabulary in hundreds of new directions.

To solo well, you need more than technique. You need great, musical, creative, memorable licks. Like words to sentences, licks are the building blocks, the foundations from which your musical ideas flow. The more articulate you are in your melodies, rhythm and phrasing, the more unique your musical personality. Your lick vocabulary is essentially who you are as a musician. The better your word vocabulary, the more articulate you are. The better your lick vocabulary, the musically richer your solos.

Each and every lick In this unorthodox 1101-lick pack Is meticulously crafted to be the most melodic, rhythmical, creative and technically impressive it can be – so you can easily assimilate it into your own playing and make it your own.

The licks range from short and simple to elaborate and advanced. The mere knowledge of a genre you weren’t well-versed in before will be enough to influence your playing in your favorite genre. For example, knowing swing and jazz licks will skyrocket your rock, blues and funk solos. You’ll be able to hear and solo using musical ‘flavors’ that were unfamiliar to you before. Imagine listening to a casual recording of yourself soloing and thinking “Woah, I played that?!”. It’s an incredible feeling.

The Format

The Ultimate Creative Lick Pack is designed for fast, instant learning. Each lick is a short video of about one minute long, with on-screen tabs (see the video above for a couple dozen examples in all genres).

First, I play the lick in full speed a few times so you can get a taste of it. Then, I slow it down and play it in half speed a few times so you can hear how it’s structured. Finally, I play it very slowly and break it down for you phrase by phrase, note by note, so you can easily follow the tab and easily learn the lick and assimilate it into your personal soloing vocabulary.

  • You can learn on your computer or straight from your phone
  • Most of the licks can be played in acoustic guitar soloing as well

Here’s what you’ll soon know how to play:

Complete Package Contents

  • 101 Blues Licks (Classic and Modern)
  • 101 Country and Chicken Picking Licks
  • 58 Sizzling Rock Licks
  • 119 Exotic (Non-Western) Licks
  • 203 Jazz and Fusion Licks
  • 92 Modern Funk-Rock Licks
  • 105 Swing Licks
  • 41 Slide Guitar Licks
  • 114 Riff and Composition-Oriented Licks
  • 67 Advanced Tapping Licks (Plus some distortion sound tricks)
  • 100 Melodic Arpeggio-Based Licks
  • 12+ hours of professional, world-class soloing knowledge


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