(2.5 Hours, 5 Videos)

Pro Secret #2: Setbacks and Difficulties In Guitar Playing
Are 90% Rhythmical Problems (And They’re Easily Solvable)

  • Develop your internal sense of rhythm – the key to mastering ANY instrument
  • When you feel the rhythm physically you’ll never need a metronome again
  • You’ll start with the rudiments and build your way up to full, creative rhythm patterns
  • Master every aspect of rhythm on guitar: strumming, soloing AND fingerstyle
  • You’ll understand how to manipulate and use note lengths to your creative advantage
  • No more frustration! Mastering rhythm enables you to understand any musical piece much faster, and your overall playing will sound much more professional

“Seriously now, this course should be mandatory for beginner players. I never managed to understand exactly what was ‘off’ about my playing until I watched your course. It never occurred to me that I was constantly ‘late’ in my picking of certain beats. This realization single-handedly improved my playing, it’s kind of like those Tetris bricks falling into place, making the problem disappear.” -Robert F.