Rhythm Guitar Superstar
(3 Hours, 5 Videos)

  • A JAM PACKED course containing hundreds of musical ideas, concepts and examples
  • Get ready: This isn’t a fingerstyle course – you’ll need a pick for this one!
  • You’ll learn how to instantly spice up boring old chord progressions
  • You will discover how to bring any song to life in your own unique style!
  • Your creativity will soar as you master the nuances of melodic and rhythmical motifs
  • You will learn how to easily create chord-and-solo riffs
  • You’ll discover that composing your own riffs and rhythm patterns is easier than you think
  • This is the wildest, most creative and entertaining course I’ve ever created – prepare yourself mentally
  • This course works especially well alongside the Harmonic Mastery course (Deep chord knowledge + wildly creative rhythm guitar skills = you’ll make everyone’s jaw drop)

“By far, the most fun course in your collection. Why don’t you do more rhythm guitar lessons on the channel?” – Guy A.