Next Level Travis Picking
(1.5 Hours, 2 Videos)

Pro Secret #4: Travis Picking Sounds More Difficult Than It Really Is
(That’s because Travis picking is about dynamics, not technique)

  • Here’s the truth: Advanced Travis picking does not require ANY complex technique
  • The secret is to become aware of the proper Travis picking sound and groove
  • In this course you’ll quickly learn the three simple tweaks that’ll turn you into a Travis picking pro
  • You’ll also discover that ALL Travis picking patterns are variations on the same two patterns
  • Which makes life so much easier – you’ll see for yourself when we play a few songs with those patterns
  • (In case you’re wondering, this course doesn’t repeat anything that’s free on the channel, it’s all brand new material aimed to take your Travis Picking to the pro level)
  • And to finish on a sweet note, we’ll experiment with Travis picking on open (alternate) tunings!
  • To sum it up: You’ll discover how much fun it is to Travis pick. You won’t be able to stop playing it afterwards (You’ll want to play it with everything. Which, honestly, feels awesome.)

“It’s uncanny what a difference a couple of simple dynamic tweaks can make. I’m always in awe of how you manage to bring these things into crisp and clear focus.” – Vishal K.