Harmonic Mastery and Intuitive Composition
(2.5 Hours, 3 Videos)

Pro Secret #5: The Relation Between Chords IS What Music Is

Although “composition” is a scary word, no prior experience is needed. This course is a journey to mastering and taking full control of chords and chord progressions, to discover the endless possibilities of music and your own musical expression. We start from the very basics (minor and major chords) and build our way up.

  • Open your ears to the beauty and the infinite possibilities of chord progressions
  • You’ll discover how changing just one note can create completely new sounds
  • You’ll understand how to create groove and make your music addictive
  • You’ll learn how to make old, familiar chord progressions sound new and unique
  • You’ll learn simple “tricks” that make simple chord progressions sound professional
  • You’ll know how to make “weird” chords sound amazing and in context
  • You’ll learn how to step “outside” to avoid predictable chord progressions
  • Basically, in this course you’ll learn advanced harmonic theory without even noticing it because you’ll have so much fun experimenting and discovering what you can do with music

“Your faith in your students is awe-inspiring. I’ve bought SO many composition and theory books over the years, and all turned out to teach the same basic elements, chord progressions and whatnot.Your ‘intuitive’ method is a true original, man, I feel that I have the tools to make my own music now. You should charge three times your price.” – Jon I.