(3 Hours, 3 Videos)

  • Unlock the fretboard using the 5 keys of fretboard symmetry
  • You will learn how to visualize the music even before you play it
  • You’ll be able to transpose any lick, scale or chord to anywhere on the neck instantly
  • In the second part of the course you will learn chord logic on the fretboard – which means:
  • It’s Finally Understanding Chords 2.0 A thorough, in-depth musical method to understand chords on the fretboard – why they look the way they do, how to transpose them…
  • …and how to create any chord and sound you want (Including far-out “complicated” chords)

“It wasn’t easy, but it was SO worth it. Instead of memorizing chord and scale shapes, they actually make sense to me now.” – Lior C.