(3 Hours, 5 Videos)

Pro Secret #1: You Can’t Play What You Can’t Hear
(And When You Train Your Ears – There’s Nothing You Can’t Play)

  • Open your ears to the variety of “colors” in music and connect to the music on a deeper level
  • You’ll start performing note predictions – Actually HEAR what you want to play next and then do it!
  • Discover how all melodies, scales and chords are built from the same building blocks (this is mind blowing once you hear it: all music is simply combinations of the same sounds)
  • You’ll learn how to turn scales into actual music instead of “memorizing shapes”
  • “Advanced” chords will no longer look scary and alien to you. They’ll start sounding “tasty”!
  • You’ll gain a better understanding of the blues and its unique sound and language
  • Ear training completely transforms the way you experience music. Once you can hear it, you never go back. You’re in full control.

“To actually think and use your ears for music is a crazy concept for me. As a classical pianist and teacher I have all the musical certifications possible, passed all the exams, sent hundreds of kids through piano exams, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never really LISTENED to the music. Just grabbing my guitar and trying out your suggestions, I feel like I’m discovering music for the first time. This is INSANE.” -Esther H.