(4 Hours, 4 Videos)

  • 115 creative exercises designed specifically to help you achieve the perfect musician’s ear
  • The exercises are divided into four sections: Single Lines, Harmonized Lines, Chord Progressions and Fingerstyle Lines and Chord Progressions
  • The exercises vary in difficulty from very easy to extremely challenging
  • Most importantly: the exercises are musical In this course you’ll be actively transcribing music!
  • This course is designed to enable you to transcribe anything you hear or watch online
  • This course takes a wholly different approach from the Ear Training course, so the two work extremely well alongside each other (knowledge and sound recognition + hands-on transcription = Ears of Steel)

“At first I was like, no way I’m playing like him, but at about exercise 15 I found myself transcribing pretty accurately. It’s funny. When you talk on your channel about transcription and music being all about ‘ears first’ it sound far fetched sometimes, but to experience it first hand is not unlike magic. I’m at exercise 61 now and enjoying every note.” – Yana V.