Complete Melodic Control (Soloing Beyond Pentatonics)
(2.5 Hours, 4 Videos)

Pro Secret #6: There’s A Lot More to Guitar Soloing Than Blues Scales

Soloing on the guitar in an original, unique way is tricky. If you feel like you can’t stop playing the same old licks that everyone else plays, then you’re not alone. It’s so easy to learn the pentatonic scale on the guitar, but it’s incredibly hard to break out of it. Let’s face it, scales on the guitar are notoriously difficult to learn and memorize, and that’s why this course takes a different approach: using dozens of musical tricks and tweaks to completely break out and create completely new, unique sounds – with pentatonics as our basis.

  • In this dense, jam-packed course you’ll find hundreds of high-level examples and ideas aimed at revolutionizing your approach to soloing on the guitar – even if you’re a beginner!
  • You’ll learn how to de-cliché old, familiar licks to make them sound fresh again
  • How to know exactly where you want your solos to go – and how to get them there
  • How to create tasty “sentences” and grooves that’ll blow away your listeners
  • Simple one-note additions that instantly make your soloing and melodies sound professional
  • How to create sophisticated musical lines even if you have no theoretical knowledge
  • The simple “side-stepping” trick that all pro soloists use to create an “advanced” sound
  • Spanish and flamenco-style sounds you’ll want to add to your soloing
  • Also, one of the coolest tricks you can only perform on the guitar (it’s ridiculously simple for us, but insanely difficult on any other instrument:) how to use the pentatonic shape itself as 5 different scales, for five different sounds, so you don’t even have to memorize anything new and still take your playing to the next level

“Wanted to share this with you. This morning there was a commercial on the radio and I identified some of what the guitar played in the background. I never thought I’d be able to do this.” – Gabi S.