Here’s How to Easily Improvise Your Own Minor/Harmonic/Phrygian Classical Piece

Improvisation is the rock guitarist’s bane. Well, I challenge that assumption. Rock guitarists can improvise just as well as blues and jazz players, they just need some guidance.

This lesson aims to do three things at once: To develop your ear, to develop your ability to improvise, and to also teach you a few scales that relate very well to each other. In other words: To throw you right into the water.

It’s actually very complex, but ironically it’s a very easy method to master. In this lesson we cover:

  1. The E minor scale
  2. The E harmonic minor scale
  3. The E Phrygian scale
  4. The E Harmonic-Phrygian scale
  5. The E Harmonic-Phrygian-Arabic scale
  6. Thirds
  7. Improvisation tips
  8. Improvisation ideas on open Em, comp & improv together
  9. With everything tabbed out and explained in-depth

This is just the first of a series of hardcore lessons designed to make you a better improviser. Once you get into the improv I outline in this lesson, it’s kind of a Zen feeling. A meditation. Let the improv take you wherever it wants to go.

Important note: If you haven’t seen the fingerpicking or the hammer ons and pull offs lesson, please watch them first.