Does Your Guitar Playing Matter?

The way I see it, if you’re playing guitar and you sound like crap, than you’re probably better off not playing guitar at all. Because, let’s admit it, there are way¬†too many guitar players out there. Way too many. And most of them sound like crap. And I’m sure you don’t want to belong in that category.

Then again, if you do play guitar, and you have a decent sound, awesome chops, great technique, the works – And yet you never make a single mistake, your tone is too perfect, you sound exactly like your guru rock star – And yet, you only stick to what you know, what your fingers are used to playing over and over again, never incorporating your own musical ideas into it (Perhaps it doesn’t fit with your usual style or what not) – Then you’re still better off not playing guitar at all, because your guitar playing doesn’t matter. There are tons of others who sound exactly like you.

The world already has, and probably always had, too many guitar players who sound exactly the same, deliver exactly the same lines over and over again. I opened LickN’Riff to make you a better, more creative guitar player. To open your ears and your eyes to different aspects of guitar playing, different techniques, different musical approaches.

I have ADHD. Always had. That prevented me from sticking to one method, one teacher or one musical genre. It kept me behind most guitar players when I was younger, and I took a long time to come into my own style, but where are they now and where am I? Now, I have a musical vocabulary I’m proud of. I can play most of what I hear inside my head. And that’s where I want you to be. I want you to be an expert on playing what YOU want to play. Not what 99% of all of the other guitar players choose to play.

Let me ask you a question: When you pass by a house, or a building, where a guitarist is practicing – Can you identify his influences? Can you tell if he’s influenced by Slash, Hetfield, the Scorpions, Steve Morse, Petrucci, Holdsworth, Wes, Metheny, Vai or Satriani? Of course you can.

But how many times have you passed by a house and heard a completely unique guitar sound coming out of it?


I want you to hear differently. To use your ears instead of your hands.

Creativity = Better. More creative, better music. That’s the whole point of opening LickN’Riff.

Don’t sound like the rest. Be your own guitar master. Make your guitar playing matter.

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