Conditioning New Strings to Keep Their Tuning Longer

New guitar strings tend to get out of tune all the time.

Actually, guitar strings – New, recent or old – Tend to get out of tune. All the time.

But you can control how much they get out of tune. They get get slightly detuned, or heavily detuned. That’s got to do with how well they’re conditioned.¬†What I mean is that instead of an A string detuning to a G or an F#, it will just land somewhere around Ab, so you will still be able to sound good and quickly retune the string, even if it happens while you’re playing.

Strings get conditioned after about two weeks of playtime. But you can condition them yourself right after putting new strings on your guitar. In this video I show you exactly, step by step, how to condition your new strings. You have to be a bit careful, but if you follow the steps – Your strings will stay in tune longer, and will get detuned relatively less than they will if you won’t condition them.

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