A Little Trick For Cleaning Grime Off Your Fretboard

This is a little trick I found somewhere down the road for cleaning grime off of my fretboard without spending tons of money on guitar cleaning products that either don’t work, or just don’t do anything too special for cleaning my guitar better than, say, some cloth and wood cleaning products.

It’s simple, and if every time you change your strings you put 5 minutes of effort into this, you’ll always have a smooth, comfortable guitar fretboard at your fingers. This works well on all fretboards – Acoustic, classical, electric and bass.

Note: My fretboard is THAT dirty because I use really good strings, that take a long time to get old, even though I play, teach and practice a LOT. So the grime just builds up… Don’t sue me. I love my guitar, and even though it looks as if I don’t take care of it, I really do.

No, really!

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