6 Methods to Tune Your Guitar Strings

There’s a joke that goes: What does a guitar player do 25% of the time? Tune his guitar. And what does he do on the other 75%? Play on an out-of-tune guitar.

Yes. String tuning is the guitar player’s bane. Everybody needs to tune their strings. Everybody. And while a guitar tuner is a must if you’re performing or playing with other instruments, it’s imperative that you know how to tune your guitar on the fly.

The methods in this video are:

  1. The 5-5-5-4-5 method
  2. The natural harmonics method (The most accurate)
  3. The octaves method
  4. The ear-training / guitar melody method
  5. The dual string method
  6. Using a tuner :)

Strings tend to go out of tune more if they’re old or dirty, or if your guitar isn’t set up right. Of course, if your technique isn’t string friendly, it also gets them untuned a lot faster.

So go learn these techniques, find the ones that you like best, and get them under your fingers. Tuning your guitar by yourself takes a little practice, but as with anything, it gets a lot easier and faster over time.

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