The Only Beginner Fingerstyle Lesson You’ll Ever Need

You might be just beginning to play guitar, or perhaps you’ve been playing rock or blues for a while and you’ve always used a pick, looking at all those fingerpickers with wide eyes, thinking ‘How the heck are they pulling that sh… off?’.

There’s actually no trick whatsoever, no secrets when it comes to finger picking. By using your fingers, you’ve got FOUR picks. That’s right, four picks. Sometimes even five, if a composer was really desperate to torture your coordination. But seriously – Fingerpicking is SO easy, that once you start doing it – You’ll never regret it. The possibilities with fingerpicking are nearly limitless.

So watch the video, get this under your fingers, and you know the drill – If you’ve got any questions, I’m right here for ya. I’ll post some more fingerpicking– Wait, did I say SOME more? I meant a LOT more fingerpicking videos, but first you need to understand the basics. So go on, click play.

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