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The 5 benefits of ear training

  1. You’ll have a deeper understanding and connection with music
  2. You’ll learn how to play ANYTHING much faster
  3. You’ll be able to transcribe and arrange anything with minimum effort
  4. You’ll have full confidence in jam sessions and playing with others
  5. You’ll never be frustrated again with musical concepts you didn’t understand before

These courses are designed as a musical journey – no boring technical exercises! Since Arrangement requires a good ear and a good sense of rhythm, these courses are designed to go hand in hand and make you a far better musician than the 99% who never bother training their ears.

The Courses:
Ear Training
Rhythm Mastery
Fingerstyle Arrangement Course


  • In lesson 1 you’ll learn to open your ear to the variety of “colors” in music – both in chords and in single-note soloing – by recognizing the different note intervals (connections) and how they relate to the music you’re playing.
  • In lesson 2 you’ll learn to recognize the difference between the major and minor scale “colors”, by turning the scales into actual music instead of just mechanically running your fingers.
  • These basic skills will enable you to start being able to perform note predictions.
  • In lesson 3 you’ll learn how more advanced chords are built, and how you can recognize them. Embellished and jazz-type chords will no longer look scary and unintelligible.
  • And in lesson 4 we will discuss the blues. You’ll hear and recognize immediately what gives the blues its distinctive feeling and “color” – the blues’ own language.


  • You’ll be in complete control of rhythm by developing your internal sense of rhythm – that’s a lot more than just technique – it’s rhythmic ear training
  • It means you’ll always feel the rhythm physically and never need a metronome again
  • No more frustration – when you feel the rhythm, the hand techniques come a lot more easily
  • You’ll understand how to manipulate and use note lengths to your advantage in the music you play
  • In five video lessons, you’ll start with the rudiments and build your way up to full rhythm patterns in strumming, soloing and fingerstyle – that you’ll be able to mutate however you want into new patterns!
  • Once you’re in complete control of your sense of rhythm, you’ll be able to learn any musical piece faster and your, composition, soloing and improvisation will be much more professional


  • You’ll learn my methods, “secrets” and shortcuts to creating arrangements
  • We will arrange together 11 different songs, from easy pop songs to more sophisticated material (even a bit of jazz at the end)
  • You will learn EXACTLY how I go about arranging songs by ear, even when I don’t have the music written anywhere
  • You’ll understand the logic behind every chord position, every note choice. This alone will immensely enhance your technical knowledge of the guitar neck.

What customers are saying:

“I’ve been playing classical guitar for 26 years, and yet I find my skills greatly improved by your courses. The music is far more intuitive now, and I’ve even started to improvise a little, which I’ve never done before.” – Darren W.

“I’m 20 minutes on the first lesson, and holy s***. I’m actually comprehending all the musical jargon, which made no sense to me before. Just wow. This course is EXACTLY what I was looking for, no ridiculous mechanical exercises, just a practical, intuitive approaches that cement the sound. Can’t believe it took me so long to find this course.” -Sakib P.

“Wanted to share this with you. This morning there was a commercial on the radio and I identified some of what the guitar played in the background. I never thought I’d be able to do this.” – Gabi S.

“Honestly, I had my doubts before purchasing your courses, but this surpassed my expectations. I finished my first arrangement today, of my wife’s favorite song. Going to surprise her on her birthday next month.” – Matthias Y.

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The courses are digital video files you can download to your computer. The files will be emailed to you after purchase. You have three options:

  1. You can purchase each course individually for $97.00 $47 (50% off)
  2. You can purchase both ear training courses for $147 $85
  3. OR you can get all three courses for just $197 $127

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