The Complete Guitar Freedom Course Series

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Imagine picking up your guitar and
being able to play anything you want

Anyone – at any level – can achieve guitar freedom
by focusing on the skills that actually matter

The main reason why most guitar players never realize their full potential as musicians is because they train their hands but neglect their ears. Practicing mechanical, repetitive exercises can enhance technique but they do not help you understand music or musicality.

When you play those fixed patterns and scale repetitions, do you feel that you really understand what you’re playing? That you speak the musical language? That if you want, you can manipulate any song into your own style and musical vision? My courses will enable you to unlock and discover your full potential as a musician thanks to one simple (and counter-intuitive) truth: When you train your ears – your hands follow naturally.

Become the guitar musician you can be

  1. You’ll be able to practice, memorize and play ANYTHING much faster
  2. Technique and finger dexterity develop more naturally and with much less effort
  3. You’ll achieve a deep understanding and connection with the musical language
  4. You’ll no longer feel frustrated and confused by musical theory concepts
  5. You’ll have full confidence when playing with and in front of people


“Are the courses like the lessons on your channel?”

Although the courses are video courses, they’re much more than just longer versions of my channel lessons. In fact, the courses are very different. Because each course is focused on a single musical skill and subject, think of the Complete Guitar Freedom courses as in-depth music college courses filled with exercises, theory, methods and ‘hacks’ to help you implement everything deeper and better. The material contained in these courses is the equivalent of months or even years of weekly lessons (depending on your personal learning pace). A couple of them (the Ear Training and the Fretboard Logic courses) also come with a PDF booklet, but most of the courses have on-screen tab whenever needed. Since most of the time I prefer that you train your ears first, if the tab is not absolutely necessary then everything is done by visual instruction with lots of examples and explanation.

“Honestly, I had my doubts before purchasing your courses, I was always afraid of all those musical and theoretical terms and I thought that your material would be too advanced for me. However, I’m 20 minutes into the first video and thanks to your ‘ears first, hands second’ method I’m actually beginning to comprehend all the musical jargon that made no sense to me before. Every teacher claims ‘this will save you years of practice’ but yours actually do.” – Darren W.

“I’ve been playing classical guitar for 26 years, and yet I find my skills greatly improved by your courses. The music is far more intuitive now, and I’ve even started to improvise a little, which I’ve never done before.” – Leah D.



(3 Hours, 5 Videos)

Pro Secret #1: You Can’t Play What You Can’t Hear
(And When You Train Your Ears – There’s Nothing You Can’t Play)

  • Open your ears to the variety of “colors” in music and connect to the music on a deeper level
  • You’ll start performing note predictions – Actually HEAR what you want to play next and then do it!
  • Discover how all melodies, scales and chords are built from the same building blocks (this is mind blowing once you hear it: all music is simply combinations of the same sounds)
  • You’ll learn how to turn scales into actual music instead of “memorizing shapes”
  • “Advanced” chords will no longer look scary and alien to you. They’ll start sounding “tasty”!
  • You’ll gain a better understanding of the blues and its unique sound and language
  • Ear training completely transforms the way you experience music. Once you can hear it, you never go back. You’re in full control.

“To actually think and use your ears for music is a crazy concept for me. As a classical pianist and teacher I have all the musical certifications possible, passed all the exams, sent hundreds of kids through piano exams, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never really LISTENED to the music. Just grabbing my guitar and trying out your suggestions, I feel like I’m discovering music for the first time. This is INSANE.” -Esther H.


(2.5 Hours, 5 Videos)

Pro Secret #2: Setbacks and Difficulties In Guitar Playing
Are 90% Rhythmical Problems (And They’re Easily Solvable)

  • Develop your internal sense of rhythm – the key to mastering ANY instrument
  • When you feel the rhythm physically you’ll never need a metronome again
  • You’ll start with the rudiments and build your way up to full, creative rhythm patterns
  • Master every aspect of rhythm on guitar: strumming, soloing AND fingerstyle
  • You’ll understand how to manipulate and use note lengths to your creative advantage
  • No more frustration! Mastering rhythm enables you to understand any musical piece much faster, and your overall playing will sound much more professional

“Seriously now, this course should be mandatory for beginner players. I never managed to understand exactly what was ‘off’ about my playing until I watched your course. It never occurred to me that I was constantly ‘late’ in my picking of certain beats. This realization single-handedly improved my playing, it’s kind of like those Tetris bricks falling into place, making the problem disappear.” -Robert F.


Fingerstyle Technique Toolbox (72 Techniques)
(3 Hours, 4 Videos)

Pro Secret #3: Fingerstyle Takes Work, But There Are Shortcuts

A JAM PACKED course containing years’ worth of learning material. This course contains EVERYTHING I know about fingerstyle expression and sound, from simple arpeggios to advanced techniques, after you follow this course, you’ll know everything I know about operating your hands on the instrument, including:

  • How to create cool sounds and entirely different dynamicsfrom the SAME chords
  • How to use smart string combinations to make the music come alive
  • Different muting techniques with both hands, so you can get 100% control of the sound
  • Different slapping and “lightning picking” techniques
  • Latin and flamenco-inspired techniques (from string-brushing to triplet strumming)
  • Advanced techniques like tapping and waterfall harmonics
  • Practicing tips on developing thumb independence and groove
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about producing harmonics (ten different techniques)
  • …and much, much more

“I watched the whole course yesterday before I started the exercises, and I just wanted to tell you that there are so many eye-opening (and ear-opening, heheh) moments here, that it’s enlightening to watch you explain it even without my guitar.” -Sakib P.


(4 Hours, 4 Videos)

  • 115 creative exercises designed specifically to help you achieve the perfect musician’s ear
  • The exercises are divided into four sections: Single Lines, Harmonized Lines, Chord Progressions and Fingerstyle Lines and Chord Progressions
  • The exercises vary in difficulty from very easy to extremely challenging
  • Most importantly: the exercises are musical In this course you’ll be actively transcribing music!
  • This course is designed to enable you to transcribe anything you hear or watch online
  • This course takes a wholly different approach from the Ear Training course, so the two work extremely well alongside each other (knowledge and sound recognition + hands-on transcription = Ears of Steel)

“At first I was like, no way I’m playing like him, but at about exercise 15 I found myself transcribing pretty accurately. It’s funny. When you talk on your channel about transcription and music being all about ‘ears first’ it sound far fetched sometimes, but to experience it first hand is not unlike magic. I’m at exercise 61 now and enjoying every note.” – Yana V.


(3 Hours, 3 Videos)

  • Unlock the fretboard using the 5 keys of fretboard symmetry
  • You will learn how to visualize the music even before you play it
  • You’ll be able to transpose any lick, scale or chord to anywhere on the neck instantly
  • In the second part of the course you will learn chord logic on the fretboard – which means:
  • It’s Finally Understanding Chords 2.0 A thorough, in-depth musical method to understand chords on the fretboard – why they look the way they do, how to transpose them…
  • …and how to create any chord and sound you want (Including far-out “complicated” chords)

“It wasn’t easy, but it was SO worth it. Instead of memorizing chord and scale shapes, they actually make sense to me now.” – Lior C.


Rhythm Guitar Superstar
(3 Hours, 5 Videos)

  • A JAM PACKED course containing hundreds of musical ideas, concepts and examples 
  • Get ready: This isn’t a fingerstyle course – you’ll need a pick for this one! (Although it does contain some fingerstyle, of course)
  • You’ll learn how to instantly spice up boring old chord progressions
  • You will discover how to bring any song to life – in your own unique style!
  • Your creativity will soar as you master the nuances of melodic and rhythmical motifs
  • You will learn how to easily create chord-and-solo riffs
  • You’ll discover that composing your own riffs and rhythm patterns is easier than you think
  • This is the wildest, most creative and entertaining course I’ve ever created – prepare yourself mentally
  • This course works especially well alongside the Harmonic Mastery course (Deep chord knowledge + wildly creative rhythm guitar skills = you’ll make everyone’s jaw drop)

“By far, the most fun course in your collection. Why don’t you do more rhythm guitar lessons on the channel?” – Guy A.


Next Level Travis Picking
(1.5 Hours, 2 Videos)

Pro Secret #4: Travis Picking Sounds More Difficult Than It Really Is
(That’s because Travis picking is about dynamics, not technique)

  • Here’s the truth: Advanced Travis picking does not require ANY complex technique
  • The secret is to become aware of the proper Travis picking sound and groove
  • In this course you’ll quickly learn the three simple tweaks that’ll turn you into a Travis picking pro
  • You’ll also discover that ALL Travis picking patterns are variations on the same two patterns
  • Which makes life so much easier – you’ll see for yourself when we play a few songs with those patterns
  • (In case you’re wondering, this course doesn’t repeat anything that’s free on the channel, it’s all brand new material aimed to take your Travis Picking to the pro level)
  • And to finish on a sweet note, we’ll experiment with Travis picking on open (alternate) tunings!
  • To sum it up: You’ll discover how much fun it is to Travis pick. You won’t be able to stop playing it afterwards (You’ll want to play it with everything. Which, honestly, feels awesome.)

“It’s uncanny what a difference a couple of simple dynamic tweaks can make. I’m always in awe of how you manage to bring these things into crisp and clear focus.” – Vishal K.


Harmonic Mastery and Intuitive Composition
(2.5 Hours, 3 Videos)

Pro Secret #5: The Relation Between Chords IS What Music Is

Although “composition” is a scary word, no prior experience is needed. This course is a journey to mastering and taking full control of chords and chord progressions, to discover the endless possibilities of music and your own musical expression. We start from the very basics (minor and major chords) and build our way up.

  • Open your ears to the beauty and the infinite possibilities of chord progressions
  • You’ll discover how changing just one note can create completely new sounds
  • You’ll understand how to create groove and make your music addictive
  • You’ll learn how to make old, familiar chord progressions sound new and unique
  • You’ll learn simple “tricks” that make simple chord progressions sound professional
  • You’ll know how to make “weird” chords sound amazing and in context
  • You’ll learn how to step “outside” to avoid predictable chord progressions
  • Basically, in this course you’ll learn advanced harmonic theory without even noticing it because you’ll have so much fun experimenting and discovering what you can do with music

“Your faith in your students is awe-inspiring. I’ve bought SO many composition and theory books over the years, and all turned out to teach the same basic elements, chord progressions and whatnot.Your ‘intuitive’ method is a true original, man, I feel that I have the tools to make my own music now. You should charge three times your price.” – Jon I.


Complete Melodic Control (Soloing Beyond Pentatonics)
(2.5 Hours, 4 Videos)

Pro Secret #6: There’s A Lot More to Guitar Soloing Than Blues Scales

Soloing on the guitar in an original, unique way is tricky. If you feel like you can’t stop playing the same old licks that everyone else plays, then you’re not alone. It’s so easy to learn the pentatonic scale on the guitar, but it’s incredibly hard to break out of it. Let’s face it, scales on the guitar are notoriously difficult to learn and memorize, and that’s why this course takes a different approach: using dozens of musical tricks and tweaks to completely break out and create completely new, unique sounds – with pentatonics as our basis.

  • In this dense, jam-packed course you’ll find hundreds of high-level examples and ideas aimed at revolutionizing your approach to soloing on the guitar – even if you’re a beginner!
  • You’ll learn how to de-cliché old, familiar licks to make them sound fresh again
  • How to know exactly where you want your solos to go – and how to get them there
  • How to create tasty “sentences” and grooves that’ll blow away your listeners
  • Simple one-note additions that instantly make your soloing and melodies sound professional
  • How to create sophisticated musical lines even if you have no theoretical knowledge
  • The simple “side-stepping” trick that all pro soloists use to create an “advanced” sound
  • Spanish and flamenco-style sounds you’ll want to add to your soloing
  • Also, one of the coolest tricks you can only perform on the guitar (it’s ridiculously simple for us, but insanely difficult on any other instrument:) how to use the pentatonic shape itself as 5 different scales, for five different sounds, so you don’t even have to memorize anything new and still take your playing to the next level

“Wanted to share this with you. This morning there was a commercial on the radio and I identified some of what the guitar played in the background. I never thought I’d be able to do this.” – Gabi S.


(3 Hours, 6 Videos)

Pro Secret #7: ANY SONG Can Be Arranged For Guitar (I Repeat: Any Song)

  • You’ll learn all my methods, “secrets” and shortcuts to creating guitar arrangements
  • We’ll arrange together 11 different songs, step by step, from easy pop songs to more sophisticated material
  • You’ll learn exactly how I go about arranging songs by ear, even when I don’t have the music written anywhere in front of me. And even if you don’t believe it right now, you can do it too.
  • You’ll understand the logic behind every chord position I use and every note choice I make when I create my arrangements
  • After following this course, you’ll have “inside knowledge” of the arrangement process, and there will be no more mystery: you’ll be fully capable of arranging any song you want

“When I found you on YouTube a couple years ago I thought that I could never do this myself, but turns out there’s a method to the madness. I finished my first arrangement today, my wife’s favorite song. I’m going to surprise her on her birthday next month. Can’t thank you enough.” – Mattie J.


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