Ear Training & Arrangement Video Courses

You can have complete freedom on guitar
no matter your current level

The 5 benefits of ear training

  1. You’ll have a deeper understanding and connection to music
  2. You’ll learn how to play ANYTHING much faster
  3. You’ll understand IMMEDIATELY what other players play
  4. You’ll be able to transcribe and arrange anything with minimum effort
  5. You’ll have full confidence in jam sessions and playing with others

These courses (the ear training course and the arrangement course) are designed as a musical journey – not just boring technical knowledge! Since Arrangement requires a good ear, both courses are designed to go hand in hand and make you a better musician than the 99% who never bothered training their ears.


  • In lesson 1 you’ll learn to hear and recognize the difference between different note intervals and how they relate to chords. This is the single most important skill needed to make sense of the variety of “colors” in music – both in chords and in soloing.
  • In lesson 2 you’ll learn to recognize the difference IN SOUND between the major and minor scale, by turning the scales into music instead of just running over them.
  • You’ll see how easy it is to transcribe music by ear once you know the “colors” (from lesson 1). You’ll be able to perform note predictions.
  • In lesson 3 you’ll learn how more advanced chords are built, and how you can recognize them. Jazz-type chords will no longer look and sound scary to you.
  • And in lesson 4 we will discuss blues. You’ll hear and recognize immediately what gives the blues its distinctive feeling and color – the blues’ own language.


  • In the introduction you’ll learn my methods, “secrets” and shortcuts to approaching a new arrangement
  • We will end up arranging together 11 different songs, progressing in levels of difficulty, from pop songs to more sophisticated melodies (even a bit of jazz at the end) and rhythm patterns.
  • In each part (1 to 5) we will methodically dissect one pre-written arrangement and one completely new arrangement that I will arrange for you live, on camera – so you will learn EXACTLY how I go about arranging songs by ear, even when I don’t have the music written anywhere.
  • I will reveal to you the logic behind every chord position, every note choice, and also show you numerous alternative chord and positional options for each choice. This alone will immensely enhance your technical knowledge of the guitar neck.


Well, you know me, I like to keep my pricing affordable for everyone. You have four options:

  1. You can purchase each course individually for $97.00
  2. You can purchase both courses (6 hours of musical wizardry) for $147
  3. OR you can get the both courses and a 1-hour Skype assistance from me to help you with your first steps in arrangement (or anything else you’d like to work on) for just $197 (The Skype hour alone costs $85. You’re basically getting one course for free.)

So choose your package and let’s start your musical journey:

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